Argentina Junior Women’s team trounce Austria in their opening 2021 Junior World Cup match

0 : Argentina Hockey

Dragflick Newsdesk : The tense wait is over. The end point has come for the long days of friendlies and training. That bitterness of a World Cup suspended by the pandemic was definitely forgotten when the team was already on a trip to Potchefstroom and in full scale they found out that they had to return home without competing.

And it was as if none of that had happened. Because the Leoncitas showed that they are ready to go for a new title in the category, the second after the consecrations of 1993 in Tarrasa and 2016 in Santiago. It was a pure goal debut. It was 8-0 against Austria, a team that came to the World Cup to replace Russia and was too far from the level offered by Fernando Ferrara’s team.

At 4 minutes, and after Pagella’s first warning just after the game started, Argentina got rid of all nerves when Daiana Pacheco took the rebound from a short corner executed by Valentina Raposo and made it 1-0. It was Guadalupe Adorno who, just three minutes later, widened the difference after Concetti put the pass into the circle and the definition came from the penalty spot. Argentina had arrived three times and had shown its forcefulness. Better, impossible.

At the start of the second quarter, the Leoncitas had a short but the ball was badly stopped and the chance could not be taken advantage of. The winner continued to press, manifesting his obvious superiority in the field but could not extend the advantage while Austria did not arrive and was less disturbing. At the close of that first half, at 29 minutes, a flick into the area found Pacheco, who was fouled. It was criminal. And Valentina Raposo was in charge of changing it for a goal.

Far from calming down their aggressiveness, the Argentines continued to press and thus reached the Austrian circle again and again. But they couldn’t score. A little due to errors in the definition but also a lot due to the very good performances of the defense and the opposing goalkeepers:

Gnehm in the first half and Stedronsky, his replacement, at the start of the complement. Austria could not pass the middle of the court with the ball under control until in the last two minutes of the third quarter the Leoncitas warned again: first it was due to a drag by Di Santo well contained by the rival defense. Until at 14 minutes Sol Pagella scored after a deflection against a pass from Pacheco.

With the 4-0 they entered the final quarter and there the blue and white hurricane was unleashed. At 18 minutes a strong backhand pass from outside the circle by Pacheco herself was deflected by Brisa Bruggesser for the fifth yell. Just a minute later Daiana Pacheco scored again on the scoreboard before Cairo’s pass on the run for sixth. The seventh came with a penalty at 25:

Austria attacked, Argentina surprised with a counterattack and the infraction in the goalkeeper’s area led to a new penalty and another conquest by Valentina Raposo. Until at minute 27 a short pass from Pagella was deflected by Daiana Pacheco for the striker’s hat trick.

Argentina will play again on Sunday at 12:30 against Korea, which in its debut beat Uruguay by a tight 1-0. It will do so after a great start although the road to glory is very long.

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