Argentina Men’s Hockey team crowned Champions of the Men’s Pan American Cup

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Dragflick Newsdesk : Everything was round. And all the objectives were met, too. The Lionesses had already achieved it and now it was the turn of the Lions. The men’s team that had already achieved its World Cup qualification to be in India 2023, was now crowned in the Pan American Cup in Santiago.

And he did it with a pure goal, with pure forcefulness. And ratifying that in the continent there is a great distance between national hockey and that of the rest. Because in the final against Chile there was a landslide. And huge celebration.

Argentines and Chileans had faced each other in the group stage and the locals had been very close to achieving a historic victory. And a powerful blow. If out of 10 games between both opponents one could be favorable to the Chileans, that should have been the 3-2. But it was not. And in the final there was no room for surprises beyond the fact that in the first half no advantage was taken because the defenses were superior to the attacks and there was only one penalty corner in those first 30 minutes that Argentina could not take advantage of.

Until in the plugin everything was opened. And it was in a very short time. Because of the hand of Matías Rey in the middle (the MVP of the match was chosen), the Leones settled in the field and at 33 and 34 minutes Santiago Tarazona and Maico Casella scored to start putting numbers on an expected victory.

Chile discounted at 11 with Felipe Renz’s fixed. But it was the only thing the loser could do against an opponent who threw the entire hierarchy at him in the last quarter. At 23 minutes Leandro Tolini increased with the short and at 26 and 30, Martín Ferreiro and Maico Casella (he was the Argentine top scorer in the tournament with eight goals) put the final figures on the scoreboard.

Now comes the commitment of the FIH Pro League. Since February. That will be another story, of course. But the 2016 Olympic champion has already taken a backpack off himself. And it will be time to continue growing.

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