Argentina Women’s Hockey team crowned Champions of the Women’s Pan American Cup

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Dragflick Newsdesk : 50 percent of the objective -beyond the numbers, the most important- had been obtained with the victory in the semifinals. That 3-0 win over Canada on Thursday had given the Lionesses qualification for the 2022 World Cup in Spain-Netherlands.

But the task remained to be completed. And against Chile the other half of the glass was filled. Because the 4-2 against the locals gave the Argentine team the title of the Pan American Cup to ratify its absolute continental dominance.

Both opponents had met in the group stage and the victory of the team led by Fernando Ferrara was broader (4-0). Although in the definition of the tournament the victory always seemed to be latent due to the specific weight of the Argentine players, the Chileans complicated it in part and only in the last ten minutes the Leonas were able to establish in the result the clear differences that exist in the game.

It seemed in fact that everything would be easier when María José Granatto made it 1-0 with a penalty corner. And that result was maintained in the first half.

Already in the plugin everything was changed. At 4 minutes Denise Krimerman established the partial tie also through the fixed. And five minutes later, Agustina Albertario put the Argentines back on the scoreboard. But the joy did not last long and doubts arose when at 18 Krimerman equalized again.

Until the hierarchy of the Olympic runner-up appeared in the closing, beyond having one less player due to the yellow card received by Cedrés. It was a burst between 23 and 27 minutes in which first Granatto and then Agustina Gorzelany with the fixed established the final result (which could have been even more comfortable due to the three failed shorts in the last quarter) to unleash the relief.

In short, the Leonas complied with the logic in the tournament and took the title with four wins in four presentations, 17 goals for and just two against (Chile’s in the final).
Now there will be time for Ferrara and the players to get to know each other ahead of the FIH Pro League, a tournament in which Argentina will debut on February 12 against Belgium at the National Center for High Performance Sports.

Then, from July 1st to 17th in Terrasa and Amsterdam, it will be time for the World Cup. But that will be a very different story.

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