Coach Fernando Ferrara names 27 players for Women’s National training camp

0 : Argentina Hockey

Dragflick Newsdesk : After the holiday break, the Lionesses resumed training under the command of the staff led by Fernando Ferrara. The team met at the National Center for High Performance in Sports after the trip to Uruguay was suspended, which included two test matches before the local team and which was canceled due to a prevention issue due to the rise of new coronavirus infections.

The first practices will have as their first objective the Pan American Cup that will be played in Santiago from January 19 to 30. The tournament is very important because it will deliver three places for the World Cup in Spain – Netherlands.

The players called up are : 

  • María Belen Succi
  • Sofía Toccalino
  • Agustina Gorzelany
  • Sofía Cairo
  • Agostina Alonso
  • Agustina Albertarrio
  • María José Granatto
  • Delfina Merino
  • Cristina Cosentino
  • Clara Barbieri
  • Bárbara Dichiara
  • Rocío Sánchez Moccia
  • Victoria Sauze
  • Valentina Raposo
  • María Eugenia Trnchinetti
  • Micaela Retegui
  • Celina di Santo
  • María Cedres
  • Jimena Lobbosco
  • Julieta Jankunas
  • Martina Triñanes
  • Valentina Marcucci
  • Valentina Costa
  • María Delfina Thome
  • María Emilia Forcherio
  • Sol Lombardo
  • Daiana Pacheco

Beyond the sports commitment, Ferrara pointed out the goals to be achieved in those first training sessions of the year. And he explained:

“The objectives are to regain confidence in contact with the stick and the ball from the technical point of view and to win with the rhythm of the practices from the physical and tactical point of view. We also aim for him to continue advancing with the game system with and without the ball and, finally, to work on offensive and defensive corners. Between November and December we are already working on all these aspects and we will continue with that plan.

“The trip to Santiago is scheduled for the 16th and after the Pan American Cup the team will focus on the FIH Pro League in which Argentina will debut in February in Buenos Aires.

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