Coach Max Caldas names squad for FIH Pro League match against England

0 : RFEH

Dragflick Newsdesk : Max Caldes; Men’s national coach, has made public the list of 20 summoned, which from Tuesday 1 to Saturday 5 February, will remain concentrated in Valencia.

A group that will face the first two matches of this 2022, corresponding to the FIH Pro League, both to be held on the blue track of the Virgen del Carmen-Beteró Sports Center.


  • Friday 2/4/2022 (11.00 a.m.): SPAIN vs ENGLAND
  • Saturday 2/5/2022 (1:00 p.m.): SPAIN vs ENGLAND


  • Adrian Rafi (FC Barcelona)
  • Mario Garin (Country Club)
  • Pau Cunil (Athletic Terrassa)
  • Marc Recasens (Club Egara)
  • Jordi Bonastre (Athletic Terrassa)
  • Joaquin Menini (HC Rotterdam-Netherlands)
  • Alex Alonso (RS Tennis)
  • Llorenç Piera (RC Polo de Barcelona)
  • Ignacio Rodriguez (Country Club)
  • Pepe Cunill (Athletic Terrassa)
  • Ricardo Sanchez (Country Club)
  • Xavi Gispert (Club Egara)
  • Enrique Gonzalez de Castejon (Country Club)
  • Antonio Sanz (Sanse Complutense)
  • Álvaro Iglesias (Country Club)
  • Jose Maria Basterra (Country Club)
  • Alejandro Davila (RS Tennis)
  • Marc Reyne (RC Polo Barcelona)
  • Marc Escude (Athletic Terrassa)
  • Marc Miralles (RC Polo Barcelona)


  • COACH:  Max Caldas
  • TEAM LEADER:  Cesar Hernandez
  • COACH:  Juan Escarre
  • COACH:  Borja Movellan
  • COACH: Alejandro Iglesias
  • GOALKEEPING COACH:  Bernar Herrera
  • ANALYST:  Andrew Wilson
  • PHYSICAL TRAINER:  Jordi Lázaro
  • PHYSIOTHERAPIST:  Jordi Borrás
  • MEDICAL SERVICES:  Luis De Sousa

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