Defending Champions UniKL dropped out of the 2022 TNB Malaysia Hockey League

0 : MHC

Dragflick Newsdesk : The failure of the UniKL Team to submit the final confirmation form to participate in the TNB Malaysia Hockey League (TNB MHL) 2022 Championship after the extra time period was given saw the team that emerged as the Contribution Cup Champion and TNB MHL League Champion 2021 will not play in the 2022 season.

The matter was confirmed by the Chairman of the Malaysia Hockey Confederation (MHC) Competition Committee, Dato ‘Sri Dr. Anil Jeet Singh after a consensus was reached by the committee.

However, the decision taken does not affect the number of teams that will compete for the 2022. TNB MHL 2022 (Premier) will still see competition from seven teams with the National Development Team (Men) namely the MHC Development Squad will replace UniKL.

“The UnikL team wants to join TNB MHL 2022 but they still failed to submit the final confirmation form and we have given them an extension until February 7 but we have not received any feedback.

“So we decided to remove UniKL from the list of teams competing for the TNB MHL 2022 Championship and replace them with the National Development Team (Men).

“This team is the same as the women’s team, which is a team from MHC and there are national players who will play with this team. As we have informed before we would like to see the potential of the national players for them to get the match and be ready for the next international match.

“For the Contribution Match, we will discuss again and will be informed in the near future before the team managers meeting takes place because all decisions to be made will go through joint discussion and it is not my decision alone,” said Dato ‘Sri Dr. Anil Jeet Singh who hoped that each team would take full responsibility to take care of themselves as best they could throughout the league tournament so that no Covid-19 infection would occur.

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