Germany Junior Women’s team trash Malaysia in their opening 2021 Junior World Cup match

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Dragflick Newsdesk : In the opening match of the women’s U21 World Cup in South Africa, coach Akim Bouchouchi’s German team secured a 10-to-0 win over the Malaysians who had no chance. In rainy weather, the young national team was consistently sovereign and controlled the game for 60 minutes.

Aina Kresken (Mannheimer HC), twice Lilly Stoffelsma (Düsseldorfer HC) and once each Jette Fleschütz (Großflottbeker THGC), Sara Strauss (Düsseldorfer HC), Jule Bleuel (Münchner SC), Verena Neumann (Mannheimer HC) and Sophia scored for Germany Schwabe (Dusseldorf HC).

The German U21 women started with a lot of pressure against the ball. In their own build-up, they played the game calmly and deliberately against deep-lying Malaysians. In the third minute of the game there was the first big chance after a penalty corner, which was called off because of a dangerous game.

Just two minutes later, a sharp cross came in for the Malaysians and was saved by their goalkeeper. Aina Kresken fought the rebound and scored the 1-0 for Germany. Akim Bouchouchi’s team clearly dominated from the first minute. In the 9th minute there was another long ball from the Germans in the circle.

Verena Neumann brought him with a great touch to Aina Kresken, who placed the ball in the net from the turn. At the end of the first quarter, Germany was leading 2-0.

The second quarter started with the first offensive actions for the Malaysians. However, there were no greater scoring chances. The German women continued to play good circle situations and allowed almost nothing in front of their own goal. In the 21st minute of the game, the black-red-golden U21 was able to increase to 3:0.

A great Schrubber from the half-right midfield by Stine Kurz found Aina Kresken at the far post, who only had to hold her bat in the flank. The flawless hat trick for Aina Kresken. Even after the 3:0 the German team kept up the pressure and won many penalty corners against visibly frustrated Malaysians.

The seventh corner found its way into the goal and Lilly Stoffelsma scored to make it 4-0. With this clear lead, the German women went into the half-time break, which they deserved.

The second half of the game was also marked by penalty corners by the German team. But even penalty corners nine, ten and eleven could not lead to a goal. However, the German U21s didn’t give up and presented the Malaysians with a task that was far too great.

A messy game sequence followed with many interruptions, then the German team was able to increase again. After a respectable solo by Felicia Wiedermann, Jette Fleschütz scored in the 39th minute to make it 5:0.

Directly after the goal, Sara Strauss was also able to reward herself with a goal. The score in the 42nd minute was 6:0. The game had long since been decided when Lilly Stoffelsma caused astonishment. Completely free, she finished centrally in front of the goal with the Argentine backhand.

The ball flew perfectly into the left angle. A dream goal and the 7:

The German U21 national team didn’t want to stop scoring. With the first action in the last quarter, Jule Bleuel scored to make it 8-0 for Germany. Penalty corners 12 and 13 failed to convert before the Malaysian team was able to earn a corner.

A small consolation for the Malaysians, but it didn’t lead to a goal. In the 53rd minute, Verena Neumann was still able to add herself to the top scorer list. She scored to make it 9-0. With the last game situation, the German team then made the double-digit result perfect.

Sophia Schwabe drew the line under the game and made it 10:0.

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