IIHF Cancels January Tournaments, Including the Women’s U18 … Again


IIHF: Statement from the IIHF canceling all tournaments in January.

“Following a recommendation by the IIHF Medical Committee due to recent developments in the global COVID-19 epidemiological situation and the rapid spread of the Omicron variant, the IIHF Council has decided to cancel all IIHF tournaments that were scheduled to begin in January 2022.”

Tara Slone: “Men ask how to be good allies all the time. Well here’s how: when the @IIHFHockey cancels the women’s U-18s for the 2nd year in a row, join us in our outrage. Use your voices and demand better, for women and for the sport. Especially the hockey men with with big followings.”

Kendall Coyne Schofield: “The IIHF has prioritized & held top division men’s events during the pandemic but the top division women’s events – cancelled – again. UNACCEPTABLE. Figure out how to safely play the U18 Worlds this season, just like the U18 men & #WorldJuniors. These players DESERVE to play too.”

Marc Methot: “So the @IIHFHockey cancels the women’s U18 for the second year in a row. Did I read that right? What an idiotic decision and completely unfair. The young women deserve better here. I want my daughter to play one day. I’d expect better for her, too.”

Frank Seravalli: “Do better, @IIHFHockey. If it’s safe enough to hold the men’s events, it’s safe enough to hold the women’s.”

Arpon Basu: “There it is. It’s official. And it’s wrong. I don’t understand why these tournaments – especially the women’s U18 worlds – could not be postponed as opposed to cancelled. Like, at least try to do it later in the year, or leave open that possibility. Makes no sense to me.”

Chris Peters: “The cancellation of the U18 Women’s Worlds instead of a postponement is unacceptable. Two birth years for all women’s hockey nations have been denied valuable development opportunities. Logistically it is difficult, but it is a top-division tournament. Figure it out.”

Chris Peters: “IIHF says due to league commitments they can’t have it in Sweden later in the year. Fine. Move it. Let Sweden host another year and make this happen. Growth of the women’s game has been disproportionately impacted by these cancellations.”

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