NHL Rumors: Chicago Blackhawks Trade Candidates


Scott Powers of The Athletic: A source is saying that at the moment, the Chicago Blackhawks aren’t actively looking to trade anyone.

If a team called the Blackhawks about Alex DeBrincat, they could listen to what that team has to say.

Another source on the Blackhawks: “Anyone can be had.”

Considering what the Blackhawks gave up for Seth Jones, any offer for him would have to be huge.

If they were to move DeBrincat, Kirby Dach, Lukas Reichel or Brandon Hagel, the return would have to be massive.

A major trade doesn’t seem imminent but it could be a possibility at some point.

Marc-Andre Fleury could be their most valuable trade piece at the deadline. Dominik Kubalik doesn’t appear to be in their long-term plans, so he could be moved. Kubalik is owed a $4 million qualifying offer and could land the Blackhawks a second- or third-round pick.

Defenseman Calvin de Haan will interest teams at the deadline.

The Blackhawks are expected to be interested in KHL free agent forward Andrei Kuzmenko.

Tyler Johnson and Brett Connolly could be offseason buyout candidates for the Blackhawks.

NHL Network: Elliotte Friedman last week when asked about who the Chicago Blackhawks might be interested in trading.

“Well look, I think they’ve been asked, I heard there was a report today where it was basically anyone except for Kane, Toews and Jones. To be honest, I do believe at some points this year they might have been asked specifically about Kane, was there any chance that they would do be willing to do that, And I don’t think they’re willing to do that.

But I did get told it’s probably a bit higher than those. Just in the sense that you know Strome’s been on the market. But I think it would take an awful lot, for example, DeBrincat. Someone said to me if DeBrincat gets traded, the only thing you’re going to do is look at the package and say, ‘holy smokes, okay I can understand why it happened.’ Other than that, he’s not going anywhere.

I really think that they are willing to do a lot though Steven. Them, Montreal, those are two teams in particular that have a lot out there and have basically said our unprotected list is very small, and if you’ve got an idea, come at us with it.”

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