NHL Rumors: Connor Garland, and Petr Mrazek

Canucks Conor Garland getting some trade interest

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman on how things are starting to pick up around the league and the Vancouver Canucks are front and center.

** NHLRumors.com transcription

“News of the week. Things that are starting to pick up. No. 1, Vancouver.

Jim Rutherford has put together his front office, almost finished. There could be some more hires. And now it’s getting down to business, talking about potential trades with the rest of the league.

And there has been a lot of rumors about J.T. Miller but I think it goes deeper than that. I think that the Canucks have a number of their forwards that they are discussing with other teams around the league.

I don’t think Pettersson is part of this. I don’t think Horvat is part of this. But I think some other players, notable ones are part of this, potentially including Conor Garland. And you’ve all heard some of the rumors, the Rangers, Boston, Calgary, but I think New Jersey is in there too, potentially on some players who could have term and team control.

It will be worth watching. We know Jim Rutherford isn’t shy and I think he’s beginning to get going on what he’s going to do to re-shape the Canucks, Jeff.”

Teams calling the Maple Leafs about Petr Mrazek

Sportsnet: Jeff Marek said that teams have called the Toronto Maple Leafs about goaltender Petr Mrazek but the Leafs won’t look at that until the offseason.

“There’s been a lot of speculation about the future of Mrazek with the Maple Leafs considering the Vezina-type season that Jack Campbell is having. I checked around on this and there’s been no discussion initiated by the Toronto Maple Leafs about Petr Mrazek. They see him as part of the program for this season.

“However, there have been some teams that have called the Maple Leafs and said, Look, if you’re looking to make a move with that goaltender, give us a call, we are interested. Very much there is a marketplace for Petr Mrazek but for (GM) Kyle Dubas, all goaltending decisions are summer decisions.”

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