NHL Rumors: Evander Kane – Under Investigation, Down to One or Two Teams, and the Grievance Process

NHL Investigating Kane

Elliotte Friedman: (thread) “Hearing NHL has notified teams it is investigating process of Evander Kane crossing border from US into Canada on Dec. 29.

Kane tested positive for COVID on Dec. 21, and flew to Vancouver on the 29th. In termination notice from SJ, it was alleged he did not have proper medical clearance. NHL is now doing full investigation.

This will likely prevent a Kane signing in the short term, as teams await the results.”

Down to one or two teams for Kane?

Kevin Weekes: Have been told that it appears to be down two teams for free agent Evander Kane.

Shawn Simpson: Sounds like Evander Kane has signed a one-year deal with the Edmonton Oilers for $1.5 million. Before any suspension is handed down, he needs to be under an NHL contract.

Emily Kaplan: From a longtime team executive on Monday night said it’s “a matter of when, not if, Evander Kane gets another NHL chance”

“He has too much talent & it will be a cheap contract. There’s enough GMs who think their room is strong enough to take him on”

Greg Wyshynski: “There are going to be a couple dozen teams that view him as toxic. The rest will weigh his impact on their locker room and/or believe *their* leadership/management will be able to keep him out of trouble. Because he scores goals, you see.”

Joe Haggerty: Boston Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy said yesterday that he hasn’t spoken at GM Don Sweeney about the possibility of adding Evander Kane.

The grievance process could take weeks

TSN: The grievance process for Evander Kane will take a few weeks despite it being expedited according to Chris Johnston. The NHL and NHLPA are okay with Kane signing somewhere else while waiting for the grievance hearing.

“But it could get interesting after the grievance hearing is held with arbitrator Richard Levie because he’ll have a decision, perhaps he upholds that contract termination, but he could do something like put Evander Kane back with the San Jose Sharks this coming summer, or perhaps even have the Sharks top up any salary difference he has in future years. That situation will play out on a separate basis to this decision around where he plays next.”


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