NHL Rumors: John Klingberg Says Trade Request Not Entirely True


Saad Yousuf: Dallas Stars defenseman John Klingberg said the report of him requesting a trade is “not entirely true.” He added that he’d like to remain a Star but knows things are at a standstill and that it’s a business.

Sportsnet: Klingberg on the trade request rumors:

“I don’t think it’s entirely true. It’s not like I’ve been going out there and asking ‘I want to get traded now,’ or something like that,” Klingberg told reporters on Saturday. “It’s something that’s been going on with the negotiations and stuff like that. I’m not going to lie, it’s been a few frustrating years individually.

“…Other guys have signed right before the season before. I wanted to do that as well. Lately, it has been going more quietly and quietly. For me, as a player, I don’t feel that I’ve been appreciated in that way when we don’t even negotiate. It’s quiet. For me, as a player, my agent, we talked to Jim (Nill) a couple months back. He agreed that we could start talking with other GMs and see where we were at. Negotiation-wise, the Stars have been very quiet.”

Matthew DeFranks: Klingberg on contract talks.

“They game me an offer way back and they haven’t really moved at all. On my side, on my agent’s side, I feel like we’ve been trying to move pieces, years, numbers and stuff like that. On our part, I feel like we’ve been trying to meet them in different ways. More and more, as it comes down to, it’s been more quiet. I don’t know really where they’re at, if they intend to sign me. I know that they want to sign me and I understand that there’s a lot of pieces that have to go into place and it’s a cap world and all that, as well. But they have to make a decision if they see me as a future Dallas Star or what’s going on here.

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