NHL Rumors: The Arizona Coyotes Are Taking Calls On Jakob Chychrun


The Jeff Marek Show: Elliotte Friedman on when the potential availability of Arizona Coyotes defenseman Jakob Chychrun, who is on a great contract for three more years at $4.25 million per season.

** NHLRumors.com transcription

“The one thing I asked was, has there been a trade request here and I was told in multiple places the answer to that question was, “No.”

However, I do think that the Coyotes know that this isn’t easy on Chychrun and this is the prime of his career and that his value will never probably be higher than it is right now. Even though it’s been a rough start to the season, I think people wisely understand, that it’s just the circumstance he’s in and it’s not a true reflection on him as a player.

They are taking calls. They are gauging it. I’ve been told the ask is massive. But I’ve also been told, although teams admit it’s massive, it’s not making them run away from him. I think there is an understanding of, the contract, the player. As you say, it’s a great contract. The situation Arizona is in and just the overall circumstances of this.

Even though the price is big, teams aren’t running away from him, from it. I think there is interest and it’s just a matter of, how Arizona determines it wants to go about this.

I did reach out to Bill Armstrong. He said he wasn’t going to say anything. I said, do you want to deny it? He says I’m just not going to say anything at all.

I think that is kind of where we are here and it’s up to Arizona to kind of figure out how they want to go about the process and what the timeline is. I don’t have good answers on those particular questions.”

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