NHL Rumors: Will Canadian Teams have a Harder Time at the Deadline? Price for Campbell Increasing

Will some players be reluctant to waive trade clauses for Canadian teams?

TSN: Will players with trade protection be willing to accept a trade to a Canadian team while there are more restrictions than in the U.S. Darren Dreger:

“I can tell you that Canadian club general managers, Canadian team executives will take you back to last year pre trade deadline where players were somewhat reluctant with trade protection to waive and come to Canadian cities. Largely because of the provincial restrictions. If you’re a player with school-aged children, a young family.

Does that come into consideration with the trade deadline on March 21? And if you look beyond that potentially and unrestricted free agency? Now, no one can do anything about it and who knows what the world will look like here in Canada especially by March or even early summer. But there is a competitive slant when you talk to Canadian club executives.”

The price keeps going up for Jack Campbell

TSN: There haven’t been any contract extension talks between the Toronto Maple Leafs and pending unrestricted free agent goaltender Jack Campbell since the season started according to Pierre LeBrun. The cost is likely going up for Campbell as his leverage increases.

“And what’s interesting about that is that my sense of it is that whatever the number was that Jack Campbell’s camp, led by Kurt Overhardt, would have perhaps settled for before the season when there were some negotiations, that number has gone up since then, there’s no doubt about it.”

LeBrun thinks it’s possible that agent Kurt Overhardt could be willing to discuss an extension before the end of the season.

“I think if the Leafs went back to Jack Campbell’s camp with a new offer sometime near the end of the regular season it could spur on more talks. But the bottom line is this: It’s more expensive now, I think, to sign Jack Campbell than it was before the season started.”

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