The Netherlands Junior Women’s Hockey team to participate in the Junior World Cup


Dragflick Newsdesk : The Royal Dutch Hockey Association (KNHB) has registered the Dutch Juniors for the Women’s Hockey U-21 World Cup that will take place from 1 to 12 April 2022 in Potchefstroom (South Africa).

The Women’s Hockey World Cup for teams under 21 was originally to be played from December 5 to 16, 2021. Due to the outbreak of the Omicron variant, the tournament was postponed to April 2 to 13, 2022. The KNHB announced two weeks ago that unfortunately the hockey association did not see a possibility to allow the Young Orange Women to participate in the World Cup in a responsible manner.

The new play dates set by the FIH at the time fall exactly in the period when big league competition is being played in the Netherlands. In addition, the Euro Hockey League (EHL) for club teams is scheduled for the same period (April 14-18).

In order to be able to participate responsibly, the KNHB asked the FIH to make adjustments. Otherwise, the burden for the players would be too great in the eyes of the KNHB. The FIH initially announced that it was unfortunately unable to implement the requested adjustments. The KNHB decided not to participate.

The International Hockey Federation has now decided to make the requested adjustments. The World Cup Hockey U-21 can now be played with 20 players per team and the tournament starts and ends a day earlier. Because the competition schedule of both the Dutch big league and the tournament schedule of the EHL has also been slightly adjusted, in the eyes of the KNHB, sufficient space has now been created to be able to participate.

Joost van Geel, performance manager of the KNHB:

‘We are pleased and surprised that the FIH has nevertheless complied with our request. Adjustments by the FIH, the EHF, the KNHB as well as the major league associations now ensure that our Junior Women’s selection can responsibly participate in the World Cup U-21 in South Africa.’

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