I would want to manage Manchester United in the future


Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney has admitted he would like to manage the club one day.

The Englishman is currently leading Derby in one of the stories of the season.

In the video above, Rooney insists he’s committed to Derby but hopes to manage United and Everton as they’re close to his heart.

The former striker also stated he believes the Red Devils need to give time to their next manager.

Rooney insisted it would be difficult for his former side to win the title in the short-term future.

The club record goalscorer instead called for the next manager to be given time to build a squad over the next three years.

Whether or not Rooney is right, fans will be sick of hearing about how the club needs a rebuild.

Sir Alex Ferguson retired nearly a decade ago and it’s a line that’s been repeated since then.

Rooney previously said that title won in 2013 was a miracle, insisting Robin van Persie carried the team.

He was speaking at the premiere of his documentary that will be released on Friday the 11th of February.

Fans will be eagerly waiting to see what brilliant insights can be given on a remarkable career.

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